Can you Keep a (Hair) Secret?

Hey there,

My hair is very important to me so taking care of it is one of my priorities. Over the years I discovered ways to treat better my hair. So in this post, I’ll share all my secrets to achieve/maintain healthy hair.


  • Chose natural hair products, especially shampoo (check the post about the products I use).
  • Pre-shampoo your hair. A couple of hours before you plan to take a shower, apply a pre-shampoo or coconut oil to your hair and leave it to absorb the product.
  • Don’t dry towel the hair (it’ll ruin it).
  • Use detangling spray to facilitate brushing and to avoid hair loss (check the post).
  • When brushing after the shower (especially for long hair), start by brushing the ends first, then the middle part and only then brush the roots. Again, this will avoid unnecessary hair loss.
  • Use a good oil product for the ends before drying it (check the post). This makes such a difference.
  • Use heat protector ALWAYS before the blow-dryer and curly/straight irons.
  • Blow-dry with your head upside down for extra volume.
  • After blow-drying the hair, turn the cold mode on and cool down the hair for extra shine.
  • If possible let the hair dry naturally without any hot tools.
  • To avoid damaging the hair with hot tools, sleep with braids and the next day you’ll have amazing waves.


  • To reduce the number of washes, use dry shampoo when the hair becomes a little oily on the roots and a serum on the ends to maintain hydration (check the post).
  • When curling the hair, try to protect the ends by holding the ends away from the wand. This will help to reduce dry ends.


  • Wash the hair as fewer times as possible.
  • Sleep with the hair tight in a bun or braids to avoid hair loss (especially for long hair).
  • Sleep on a silk pillow to avoid breaking the hair.
  • Cut your hair regularly. Split ends won’t disappear unless you cut them off.
  • Don’t play with your hair (this is one of my biggest problems).
  • Tie your hair with invisibobbles or very thick hair bands (like crunchies) to avoid to break or tear the hair.
  • Keep your hair routine simple, because the use of too many hair products may actually weigh it down.


And basically, that’s all I do daily/weekly to my hair. Is there any trick that you do to your hair that I did not mention?

Have a good (hair) day