My Skincare Routine: Body Edition

Hey there!

During Autumn/Winter my skin gets really dry. I’m very focused on my face but my body is kind of neglected because I’m either too busy or lazy. A couple of weeks ago I decided to take better care of my skin. So in today’s post, I’ll share my routine including my favourite products. My skin improved so much that I hope I can inspire you as well in taking better care of yours too.



The first product I’ll mention was one of my September Favouritesbody brush. This is great for exfoliation because by removing the dead cells the skin will absorb better the moisturizer. This is not the only good thing about this brush as it’s also supposed to help with the blood circulation. Having that in mind, I insist more on my legs and thighs than the rest of the body. I may use this brush either on dry (before the shower) or wet skin.



Right after the shower, I like to apply a baby oil on wet skin followed by drying it with a towel. This is probably one of my oldest favourites because I’ve been using it for years. What I like about it is the fact that its application is super quick and efficient. I like to apply it on the days I’m planning to be at home or before bed because the skin will be slightly sticky. Although I promise it will be extra soft afterwards. This type of moisturizing does not last more than a day I would day. So I like to use it in my upper body (that is not so dry) and in my legs and thighs, I prefer to use a more “strong” moisturizer.



I’ve tried different moisturizers in my life and I always hated the sticky feeling. However, when I tried the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Softens Smoothes I observed the opposite effect. This product is super efficient: it absorbs quickly and afterwards, the skin feels moisturized and soft for a long time. It’s amazing and I’ve never felt the skin this way with another product before.  The only thing I’m not very keen on is the cocoa smell, but after a couple of uses, I got used to. However, I discovered that the brand also has the same body lotion but fragrance-free so I’ve been using that once since then.



For those days that I’m on the run, I prefer to moisturize with Vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser instead. This is such a practical product because its application is by spraying the skin and then it’ll dry in seconds. I know I’ve just mentioned that I don’t like the cocoa smell and this product has that scent. Well, I was told that cocoa is extremely moisturizing and since I’m all into deep moisturizers at the moment, I think I can handle it.



Now, for those days that I’m super tired and I need a deep and relaxed sleep, I opt for the Lush Sleepy Body Lotion (this product was also on my September Favourites). I like this product so much that I avoid wasting it, this means that I only apply it to my upper body (I’ll still moisturize my legs with Palmer’s body lotion). Lying in bed with that lavender scent is so relaxing that I fall asleep in seconds. Love it!

And that’s my body skincare routine. What about you? What products do you tend to use on your body at this time of the year?

Have a nice day