The Best Mascara: Drugstore and High-End

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Mascara is an important step in any make-up and even if I’m not wearing any make-up, a mascara and a concealer is everything I need for a more put together look (check my favourite concealer here). However, finding a good mascara is quite a challenge. There are so many formulations, different types of brushes, different brands… So I’ve been testing 8 mascaras that I’ve selected based on their reviews or that I’ve been curious to try. In today’s post, I will talk about my favourite ones among drugstore and high-end brands.



Starting with the mascaras that did not impress me at all. One of them is the Maybelline Great Lash which formulation seems to be weak for my lashes type. It has a synthetic brush but in order to get an acceptable volume, a “thousand” coats are required (don’t have time in the morning for that).

The next product is the Maybelline Lash sensational intense black that was my favourite mascara until I decided to test new mascaras for this post. I’m glad I did it because I found much better ones. This product has a plastic brush which clumps the lashes together, so I don’t recommend too many coats. The volume that this formulation gives, compared with other mascaras, is not impressive.



Two products that were a little bit better than the ones mentioned before are the Maybelline Total Temptation and the Benefit Roller Lash. The latter has a plastic brush which clumps the lashes together and to achieve volume I found that a couple of applications are necessary. Regarding the Maybelline one, the brush is synthetic so the clumping is not a problem. Although it elongates the lashes instead of giving volume. Not exactly what I’m looking for in a mascara. I would say that for a person with curly lashes these both product should work well.



Among the drugstore mascaras tested, the two L’oreal mascaras were the best I’ve tried. The L’oreal Miss Baby Roll has a plastic brush whereas the L’oreal Paradise has a synthetic one. They’re both very good in providing volume, but the Paradise one gives a little bit more density which makes the lashes looking more natural. I was really happy with both of them and I would highly recommend them.



Now my ultimate favourites are the Benefit Badgal Bang and the Lancôme Monsieur Big. The benefit mascara is really good but since it has a plastic brush it clumps the lashes more than the Lancôme one. However, it gives loads of volume in a few applications. On the other hand, the Monsieur Big mascara has a synthetic brush which besides providing an amazing volume, it gives loads of density which is something I like in a mascara. Sidenote: its formulation is a bit dry, so it’s not a product that will last long in your draw.

So, in general, a plastic brush will clump the lashes together (some mascaras more than others) and a synthetic brush will give a more natural look by separating each lash. I think I prefer the effect of the synthetic brushes on my lashes so if I had to choose only one drugstore and one high-end mascara I would opt for the L’oreal Paradise and the Lancôme Monsieur Big, respectively.

What is your ultimate favourite mascara at the moment?

Have an amazing day