Week(end) Make-Up

Hey there!

Do you guys wear make-up the same way as you wear your clothes? In other words, do you wear special/ favourite clothes on weekends and special occasions, leaving the rest of the clothes for weekdays? I know I do and I tend to do the same with make-up. This works for me because I prefer to wear more subtle make-up for work, which means that on weekends I can make it a bit more extravagant. The same applies to the number of steps, having more time on weekends means that I’ll apply primer before the foundation and eyeshadow; I may apply false eyelashes and even spend more time with face contour. However, today’s post will only focus on the type of products that are in common with both make-up looks.



During the week, after my skincare, I apply foundation. I’ve been testing different ones (a post about that is coming soon), but right now I’m using the Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin. Since on weekends I’m looking for more coverage, I normally go for the Fenty Beauty foundation.  This foundation is amazing on the skin and covers everything, the only drawback is the price though.

Regarding concealer, I use the same one independently of the day. I like applying the Collection lasting perfection. Normally I use a light shade under my eyes and a darker shade on my face. I’ve been using this concealer for ages and I’ve never found a better drugstore concealer so far. Another common product in both make-ups is the pressed powder – Rimmel insta fix & matte. I’m not super picky about powders and this one does the job.

After applying the powder all over the foundation and concealer is time for the bronzer. Since on the week, I’m looking for a subtle make-up, I tend to use the Maybelline face dream sun bronze powder. Now, on weekends I like to achieve a more bronzed look (to my not naturally tanned face), so I apply the L’oreal glam bronzer duo. L’oreal bronzers are amazing and this one is not an exception.



I’m a huge fan of the Naked pallets from urban decay, especially the Naked 2 (love all the shades). So, it wouldn’t surprise anyone the fact that I have the 2 versions of it. On weekends I go for the original version (Naked 2 eyeshadow palette), while on weekdays I prefer the Naked basics. The smaller one is perfect for travelling, or at least that was my excuse to purchase it.

For highlight, I use the Benefit dandelion twinkle during the week. When I bought this product I had big expectations, however, it’s too much subtle on the skin, that’s why I opt to wear this on work days. For a pronounced highlight, I love the Revolution ultra pro glow. There’re shades for everyone’s skin type on this palette and the formulation is really luminous.



Finally, in terms of blush, I like to use the Bourjois blusher in rose d’or, which is a golden rose colour. However, for a special occasion, I prefer to apply the Smashbox L.A. lights – blush & highlight palette in malibu berry. This is a nice set of blush shades highly pigmentated, so you just need a tiny bit of product.

As I mentioned above, the pressed powder and the concealer is common on both make-ups, but also the eyebrow pomade (Freedom brow pomade), eyeliner pencil (Maybelline master drama) and the liquid eyeliner (Rimmel glam’eyes). I like these products very much and they all suit well both make-up looks.

So this is how my make-up looks like on weekends and on weekdays. What about you? Do you also tend to choose different make-up products depending on the day of the week?

Have an amazing day