Autumn Primark Haul

Hey there,

Primark is one of my favourite stores because it has a big variety of trending products at affordable prices. Recently I’ve been there a couple of times to get some stuff for Autumn. So I thought it could be a good idea to post a haul to show you what I got regarding homeware, make-up, clothes and accessories.



The weather is getting cold, which means that it’s a must for the house to be extra cosy.  Having that in mind I got some bits and bobs to place around. I decided to get the glass jar with the flowers and the pink candle (£4.50) for the bathroom, and the apple candle (£3.50), the elephant vase and the letter board for the living room.

I also picked up some make-up to give it a try. I got the mattifying powder (£2) because I read that it’s supposed to be good. I chose the nude colour to powder the foundation and the caramel colour to use as a bronzer. I also (finally) found the precision pencil and powder for eyebrows (£2) in dark brown. In the end, I couldn’t resist getting the matte lipstick in nude (£1.50). I meant to bring a pink nude but I got a beige nude instead…the testers were all mixed up.



Fashionwise, I got two gorgeous sweaters – a white one (£10) that is extremely warm and fluffy, and a tiger pattern sweater (£14). Since I’m addicted to scarfs, I couldn’t resist taking home with me a black and grey (£6) and a light grey (£8) to add to the collection. I also had a look at the jewellery and I found these two stunning necklaces (£2). I was really impressed with both of them, they don’t look Primark at all.

And now I need to control myself and avoid going back to Primark until December for the Winter Primark Haul (of course).

Have you been at Primark recently? What autumn items did you purchase?

Have a good day