DIY – Personalized Notebook

Hey there,

Since it’s been a long time since my last DIY post, I’ve decided to post a new one. One of the things I used to do during my university years was to buy plain notebooks and then decorate them with magazine clippings. I remember they looked so amazing and everyone would complement them (I could have made a business!). If you’re like me and accumulate magazines, this is a good way to reuse them before throwing them away. So basically with this DIY, you can make unique and cheap notebooks and I’m sure everyone will want one too. It’s also a good idea for a personalized gift for someone special (Christmas is almost here).



All you need is magazines, scissors (and a craft scalpel for details), glue and cover film. Gather all the magazines you have (normally fashion magazines have nicer pictures for this purpose) and go through them until you find nice pictures. This could be a picture of animals, drawings, clothes, shoes, …. anything you like. The aim here is to cut as many pictures as possible because then you can select the better ones.



After cutting all the images you should also look for a page in the magazine that can be used for the background. Normally the pages of perfumes or make up advertisement work perfectly. The use of a background is always a good idea because you won’t need to worry about filling all the blank spaces (especially if the original notebook has an ugly colour/pattern). After glueing the background page on the notebook you can now play around with the pictures you cut in order to find the best composition (just use your imagination). When happy with the result, start to glue each picture on the correct position. In order to protect everything in place, I like to cover the notebook with a transparent cover film (I got mine on Amazon).



And as simple as that you just made an amazing and unique notepad. I decided to add the ‘’notes’’ word on top using a label maker, but that it’s totally optional. Save the extra pictures for the next time you want to replicate this.

Hope you like this DIY. Let me know in the comments if you’re giving this a try.

Have an amazing day