February Resolution: Be Active

Hey there!

New year, new resolutions, right? That’s probably the first thing everyone does in January. I’m sure people had even started some of them like a gym membership, new book, house declutter… So far so good but after a month or so of doing it what happens? We start to get lazy, life gets in the way and we think we have plenty of time to accomplish all of our goals. I’m I right? Then the year is almost gone and we remember about the list we made in January and is too late now. “Next year it’ll be different!” But it’s not!

I’ve been there over and over again. Enough of all the frustration and pressure I would put on myself I’d decided to have a different approach. I still make a list every year, but instead of looking at it knowing that I have all year to make them happen, I prefer to establish shorter deadlines – like a month. Believe me, for the first time I started ticking out goals from my list.

My idea consists of publishing a post at the beginning of each month where I explain one of my resolutions. There may be some goals that are supposed to last more than a month. That’s alright! I like to face those the same way. Let me explain. By focusing on that “activity” one month you’ll be doing the hardest part of it. Haven’t you heard: The hardest thing to do is to start something? The idea is to use all the energy and motivation to accomplish that activity in a month. Believe me after starting it is going to be easy to maintain it if that’s the case. The same applies if you want to do more than one resolution per month. That’s possible but make sure that both aren’t too time-consuming. Be realistic!

So for this month resolution, my idea is to get more active! I’ve chosen this goal first because it’s probably the hardest one from my list to accomplish, so (from my experience) I know it’s a good idea to start with that one first.

During Winter I basically hibernate and stopped any type of exercise (too cold!). However, I really want to get back to it. I mentioned I want to “be active” which means that I don’t need to go to the gym every day. Instead, my idea is to choose more active choices like using the stairs more often, cycling to work, walk instead of getting the bus as much as possible. Then every other day or so I ‘ll do some running and more intense workouts (I’ll get into more details further in the post).

I kind of give up on gym ages ago. It’s not for me. I prefer to do exercise outside in the fresh air but if the weather is not good (which may happen too often in winter time) I like to exercise at home. By preparing my own workouts I have better control of what I want to exercise that particular day and by listening to my body I know if I should go hard on my body or if I should do a more low intense exercises like yoga.

The first thing I’m planning to do regarding this topic is to get inspired! There are so many good inspirations on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. This helps to plan in advance the workouts to do at home (or at the gym if you fancy). If you’re like me and get bored of doing the same exercise over and over again, Pinterest will be your best friend. I made my own Pinterest board where I can look for inspiration and sometimes even print some of them if I want to make those exercises part of my daily routine.

Instagram is also good but only if you know good accounts to follow. This platform is not the one I reach the most for this purpose, but I’ll list a couple of the accounts that may worth the visit:

If you know other Instagram accounts that show good exercises let me know down in the comments.

YouTube is my favourite platform to find workouts. I have my favourite yoga, pilates or localized workouts saved on my account and every now and then I play one and follow it. This is particularly good for days when I’m feeling lazy. I just press play and follow the video without thinking to much about what I’m doing. The videos are also really handy when the exercises are complicated like yoga and pilates. These are my favourite people:

Since I workout at home, I use some small equipment. For yoga days I use a yoga mat and a strap. For more intense workouts like glutes and leg exercises, I like to use resistant bands (I’ve got a set with different resistances), dumbbells, gliding discs and a mini exercise ball (these last two are amazing for inner thigh exercises). I also have a foam roller to use after I finish to relax the muscles and to help in the recovery. They may seem a lot, but believe me, they don’t require too much space (you can use a box to put them away when not using them) and they help a lot in increasing the diversity/intensity of the exercises.

Although I workout at home I like to wear nice and comfortable clothes. For lazy days, especially weekends, it helps a lot to put on some gym clothes on first thing in the morning. It’s a reminder that I need to do some exercises and also it’s less an excuse to tell myself later.

Music is also indispensable and Spotify works wonders in this category. I’ve done some music playlists accordingly with the activity to give me that extra motivation.

I hope you liked this post and that it may inspire you to be active this month as well. Let me know about your resolutions and how do you plan to achieve them.

Have an amazing (and active) day today.