Made in the UK: Bristol & Bath

Hey there!

Some time ago I went to visit Bristol and Bath with some friends from London. In our plans, we also had in mind to stop in Stonehenge since any of us hasn’t been there. It was a 2 days trip and the idea was to spend the night in Bristol. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t in our favour which limited the time we stayed in each place. Here are some photos that I took during the trip and I hope they will do justice because the places we’ve been were stunning.



As I mentioned, we weren’t very lucky due to the weather. The first day of the trip rained so we had to change the plans. We decided not to go to Stonehenge because with the rain we wouldn’t enjoy the visit (such a pity!). However, we manage to see it from the road (better than nothing). I’m sure up there those big stones should be breath taking, but we kind of felt that from the road level. I’m used to seeing this monument in movies but seeing it in person was so amazing – even from the road.



So we went straight to Bristol and we had a look around the city the next day. The first thing we had seen was their famous bridge –  The Clifton Suspension Bridge. We also popped in the museum (on one side of the bridge) that explains the history behind its construction. It was very informative and interesting to know some facts about this bridge that I didn’t have any idea. The Bridge is impressive and the view is amazing. I’m assuming that with good weather the pictures from here are so much better (and a little bit more colourful).



By walking around, we jump into the Victoria Rooms that is part of the department of music from the University of Bristol and the Cathedral of Bristol. The latter is such a huge and stunning building in the heart of the city. It’s really picturesque.



One of the things I liked about Bristol were the colours of the city. In some locations, the houses (or the doors) were painted in pastel colours (which I love!) that made me think about Brighton. Another thing that I couldn’t forget to mention was the illustration in graffiti and stencils in every corner. I thought that kinda gives a personalized sense to the city and I’m glad they support this type of art because some of them were really beautiful. We were also lucky to find two stencils from Banksy.



The next day we went to Bath that is suppose to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. How insane is that? The truth is the city is even more beautiful than I imagined. It’s a small city and it seems that everything is in the same place, but at the same time, it’s so architectonic and cute (if that makes sense). It’s my type of place. We didn’t have much time but we were able to see main touristic points: the Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths. The latter was absolutely stunning. It was definitely the best part of the trip. It was breathtaking. I really recommend visiting even though the ticket is quite pricey (it’s worth it!). The tour was very informative and I couldn’t imagine how big the baths are. In the end, everyone tasted their mineral water. The last thing we saw was the Pulteney bridge. It was a shame that it had rained because the river was all muddy. Now I have a good reason to go back.

I liked both cities very much and it would be impossible to choose my favourite. They were even more stunning than I was expecting.

Have you visited any of these cities? What did you like the most?

I hope you’re having a great day