My Beanie Collection

Hey there!

For today’s post, I thought about talking about winter accessories – beanies. How random, right? I just think that the best part of the season is the fact that I can use beanies every day. I confess I do like beanies a lot, just because I struggle with finding a hat that fits my huge head (I promise I still look proportional), so beanies are that type of “hat” that always fit me and doesn’t dissapoint me.

I’ll show all the beanies I have at the moment. Some of them I bought, the others I made myself (they’re super easy to make).

This is one of my favourites. It took me a while to find the exact pink shade I wanted, but I’m happy that I found it. I got it from Primark.
I love how this beanie turned out. I decided to make it because I loved the yarn colour. It looks unique and I like the fact that it goes with different outfits.
This one is also from Primark and it’s a basic grey colour that I like to conjugate with dark outfits. This one was responsible for starting to make my owns, because it was the perfect model: good size, pattern, top pom-pom and bottom that folds.
This one is probably my first grown-up beanie. My mum gave it to me before going on Erasmus. She bought it from Aldo years ago and I’ll never get rid of it.
This one is the first beanie I made. You probably can’t notice but I just copied the pattern of the grey above. The yarn is super soft and warm. The colour is also beautiful
This one, also made by myself, is probably the one I wear the must. I mean, its black and basically goes with everything. Super warm as well.

What about you? What’s your favourite accessory in Winter?

Have a nice and cosy day