September Favourites

Hey there,

I can’t believe September is gone. Time is running so fast that in a blink of an eye is going to be Christmas already (I wouldn’t mind though). Lately I’ve been very busy with work, however, I still manage to test some new products. So in today’s post, I’ll show you my favourites.

L’oreal tinted lip oil – This is the perfect product for the colder days ahead. If you’re like me and your lips get extra dry, you need to try this lip oil. The colour that I have is called the sugar plum. It gives a subtle pink colour to the lips, which makes it perfect for any occasion.

L’oreal lip paint matte – I used this product so many times this month. Although it’s matte, it’s formulation makes it comfortable on the lips. The nude shade (208 – off-white) is beautiful which makes it suitable for nights out and to work.

Revolution Pro pore primer – I’ve tried different primers in the past and let me tell you this one was by far the best one. My skin looks smooth and matte after its application. However, the effect of the foundation on top is even more stunning as my skin looks uniform and poreless. I highly recommend it.

Essie nail polish – Essie is by far my favourite nail polish ever. My new acquisition was the topless and barefoot which is a soft pink beige. This nude shade is perfect because I’m always busy (and lazy), which means that when the product starts to come off (after 4-5 days) it won’t be so noticeable.

Lush sleepy body lotion – This was a gift from a friend and it’s the first body lotion from lush that I’ve tried. It’s a good moisturizer, but the best part it’s the lavender oil in the formulation, which makes it perfect to be applied before going to bed. I promise a relaxing night is guaranteed.

Super Facialist pore purifying clay mask – This is not the first product from Super Facialist that I’ve tried and once more it had impressed me. It’s supposed to unclog the pores and let me tell you, I really noticed an improvement in my skin mainly by reducing acne (which I’m struggling at the moment). Highly recommend this detox mask. I’ve been using it once a week.

Body brush Botanics – I got this brush because I’m trying to focus more on my body skincare at the moment. I’ve been moisturizing my body everyday after shower. However, due to the recent weather, I’ve noticed my skin is drier, so to exfoliate it I decided to purchase this body brush. It does the job efficiently, but at the same time, it’s soft enough to make it painless. It’s also suitable to stimulate circulation, so I use it more intensively on my legs.

Primark cosmetics cotton buds – I’ve been using normal cotton buds for years, but since I found these cosmetics buds my life had changed completely. They have a flat and a pointy side that is perfect to correct any make-up mistakes, especially eyeliner.

Nudie coconut chips and banana chips – These are amazing snacks to have around. The coconut chips are very good. However, the biggest surprise for me was the banana chips. I like bananas, but normally I hate banana chips. This one is for sure an exception because I really like them. You can get both of them at Primark for £1 each.

Primark necklace – I’ve been recently at Primark and I got two beautiful necklaces (a Primark haul post will come soon). However, this one is my favourite of both and I’ve been wearing it non stop. It goes with everything and it only cost me £2, such a bargain.


What were your favourite products in September?

Have a good day