What’s in my Bag

Hey there,

One of the posts I like to read in other blogs is the “What’s in my bag”. I think it’s interesting to see what other people carry with them because you may get to know that person better after seeing what it’s in their bags. So I’ve decided to do that today. I’m normally that type of person that wants to carry the whole house in the bag if that was possible. I struggle a lot to be more minimalist and at the end, my bag is always heavy. Not forgetting the fact that it’s always hard to find anything in it.



Here are the items I normally carry with me on a daily basis:

Diary – I’m an old-school person regarding diaries.  Paper works better for me because I feel that it’s visually easier to know what appointments I have and to plan new ones.

Bag of toiletries – I can’t get out of the house with some toiletries products like deodorant, tissues, perfume, hand cream, concealer, lipstick, hair tie and bobby pins. We never know when they’re needed.

Sunglasses – For those (few) sunny days.

Snacks – I’m a snack person so I’m always that friend to go to when you’re hungry.

Umbrella – An essential item when living in the UK.

Phone – Because I can’t live without it.

Lip balm – My lips are very dry so this one is always with me wherever I go. Lip balms from Nivea are my favourite especially the hydro care.

Wallet – Since I don’t carry money or either cards with me (I use the Stocard app on my phone to store all my shop cards) I prefer a small and thin wallet. This way it’ll fit in any size bag or even pocket. This one is from Primark.

House keys – This one is self-explanatory.

Water bottle – I avoid buying disposable water bottles so I got this one from Primark and every day I refill it with fresh water. Sometimes I like to add lemon and peppermint.

Notebook – I like to have a notebook with me to write anything important or even to record ideas.

Power bank – Is it just me or normally the phone dies when we need it the most? That happened to me too many times so now I carry a power bank.

Earphones – Sometimes I listen to music or podcasts, so it’s handy to have them around.

Book – Since a couple of years ago I’d decided to include on my year’s resolution “read more” so I started to carry a book everywhere I went. So far it has been working.


What about you? What items do you carry in your bag that you can’t leave at home?

Have an amazing day