Wish List: AliExpress

Hey there!

AliExpress is one of my favourite online stores. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about (which world are you living?), it’s basically an eBay but with thousands of amazing products (I tend to find better products in AliExpress) and without the auctions. I’ve been ordering from this store for years and I don’t have any complaint so far. The platform works marvellously, the sellers are always nice and in the case of an order not delivered (It happened to me twice) AliExpress will give you the money back. I almost forgot to mention the best thing regarding this store – the prices… Hundreds of bargains. They also have an app available which makes everything more addictive. Whenever I have free time I’m scrolling and adding products to my wishlist. So for today’s post, I’ve decided to share with you my favourite items from my wishlist (that has millions of items, to be honest) that contains a little bit of everything – jewellery, clothes, accessories and home products.



Since we’re approaching the end of the year, I already started to look for my next diary. I found this A6 Diary (£5.01) which I fell in love immediately. It’s small enough to get in any handbag and its layout consists in year/month/week planner which is perfect for me now that I have the blog to plan as well. Another good thing is the fact that this planner does not have dates on it, which means that is suitable to start at any time of any year. It’s also available in A5 format.

Jewellery may be the most common search on my browser history. I mean, stunning products at low prices? Who wouldn’t? I’ve found such amazing findings in the past, but right now I have my eyes on these Loop with Pearl Earring (£2.16), the Pineapple earrings (£0.98),  Geometric necklace (£1.09) and 3 silver necklaces (£1.33). They’re perfect for any look and under £3, how insane?

I’m a tea person and I often enjoy tea leaves instead of tea bags. The flavour is so much nicer. When I found these Squirrel tea infuser (£1.59) I couldn’t resist and add them to my list. They’re too cute. The truth is my current infuser needs a replacement, so what a better option here, right? Another thing I’m planning to replace here at home are the plastic straws. In order to be more environmentally conscious, I’m planning to purchase these Reusable straws (£1.35 for two). They’re eco-friendly and gorgeous – SOLD!.

I’m getting bored of my current phone case so these Phone marble case (£2.94) are so beautiful that I can’t resist in getting one. Probably the white one…and maybe the pink as well.

Sometimes due to laziness I just leave my hair loose or in a ponytail. So insipid, right? So I’m trying to get some hair clips, hair bands, scarves … to style it differently. In my search, I found these beautiful Leaf shape hair clips (£0.56) that I just think they’re too beautiful not to buy them. And the price… I mean I’ll get both of course.

Fashionwise, I’m in love with these Mom jeans (£16.78) that would match perfectly with the Grey sweater (£11.45), the black Sunglasses (£2.36), the Black clutch (£12.35) and finally the white Bee watch (£1.86). And we have a look!

Since I like to carry with me everything, I spotted this gorgeous Make-up bag (£1.47) to carry all my stuff around. How cute is that! And finally, the Perfume refiller (£0.78) that basically allows refilling any perfume. (how genius!).

And now I’m placing an order with all of this stuff (Ooops)!

Hope you’ve liked this post. What are your favourite products from my list?

Have a nice (shopping) day